Silkroad online legend 23

Silkroad online legend 23 will be released very soon.

Korea Silkroad Online


we have any more ifno about this what updates will it bring ? and when ksro release update how long it take that isro get the update too ?

It could be 4 to 6 months or as long as 12 months for iSRO to get the legends update. seems to be the first to get the big updates. It has been such a long time since iSRO was updated that I cannot remember when it had a big update.

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JM is very lazy.

-Mirror repurposed mobs and the map.
-Alexandria repurposed mobs.
-Bagda reused mobs and even the beach is identical to the beach of Alexandria.
-In Baghdad the strongest mobs are a “Worm and a Crab…”, and half of the mobs are a plant…
-Temple of fire is a castle that has only 1 texture…
-10 years later, JM releases an update that only changes the skin color…

JM a 3D modeler/animator makes new models for the game in about 3 days, shame on you.

They have always done that.

True, and apparently nothing has changed after 10 years…

Silkroad Online - 16 Degree European Weapon & Shield Set - YouTube

Silkroad Online - 17 Degree Chinese Weapon & Shield Set - YouTube

Silkroad Online - 21 Degree Chinese Weapon & Shield Set - YouTube


thanks for sharing my videos



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You’re welcome brother, what does it mean, I really thank you for taking a video and sharing it with us.
Rc ederim bro ne demek asil sana tesekkur ederiz video cekip emek ettigin icin.

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This is taken from for iSRO. Not sure how soon

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