Section Rules


1. Reporting Bugs
- Use descriptive titles: [Bug or Question] [Full Bot Version] [Locale] Short Description
Title example: [Bug] [11.5.6] [iSro] Bot stops switching weapon after 5 minutes

  • Describe exactly what happened to cause the bug
  • Upload config, script, player data.txt, storage.txt, and Error.txt into one ZIP/RAR file
  • If you can please tell us how you think it can be fixed
  • Include a screen shot if you think it will help us find a solution
  • You may use the format below if you like:
Description of bug:
Bot Version:
Character level:
Silkroad Version:
Character type (CH/EU):
Silkroad Server:

2. Posting scripts
- Again please use informative titles such as the monster name and level or general location

  • Post the entire script within code tags

3. Requesting features
- Once again use informative titles giving a short description of what you would like to be implemented

  • In your post please include how it will be used
  • In your post please include a longer description of the feature you would like to be implemented

4. Avoid being banned
- Please make sure your bug/script/feature request has not already been posted

  • Do not insult other members of the forum
  • Do not post in the wrong section
  • Do not post in other peoples threads if you do not have something related/useful to say (+1 is not helpful)
  • Do not post in another language; this is an English only forum
  • Do not ask when a new version will be released
  • Do not bump threads
  • Do not create threads saying the download link doesn’t work unless the attachment is not there, I am uploading it or I just wanted to get the update news out first
  • Do not PM (private message) Admins, Moderators, or Developer members about bug reports unless we ask you to
  • Do not just post +1. This does not help us at all.
  • Do not make threads with excessively large or colored fonts
  • Do follow the bug report rules