Script leveling up

Is it possible to set up a script to go from town to 1-3 different botting areas?
for example if i want to leave jg at lv1 no my way towards the ferry spot at the ferry tp to town then tp to dw have that script finish then have the next script start. dw to hotan while leveling it along the way?
its 4am when im typing this so pardon the spelling

yes i think if you use conditions tab
here you can found maybe some help for how too use conditions

good luck

1 more question if you have a sec. can you add mastery to a plugin that auto configs upon creating a new char for example if i want to make a char only have nukes?

you can setup on mastery tab and select auto mastery or only select auto skil on skil you want up or on all

yeah i know that… i just wont be lazy and do they individually. ive got a bunch of pcs lol

you need mak a profil with all u need included auto mastery/skil
then when you creat new char select the profil u have mak and done =)

awesome thanks. oh also do you know if its possible to take a pk2 map edit form another server ? i like how the unique spawn points are on a particular server and want to see if its worth transfer or even possible.

idk for that sry
for the rest u can try this one plugin character select creteator
and this one plugin for the profil