Script add attack skills?

Is it possible to add script attack skills?

so as not to make Ghost sereness stone :grin:

You could use a plugin to kill monsters in an area then move on. That’s what xAutoDungeon does. You cannot do it with a normal script though.

I’m using xAutoDungeon.

Is there a way to attack on the move?

not to be a stone. Ghost sereness

I haven’t used it but I think it has to kill everything in the area. You could use trace for this instead.


cast,Flame Wave - Bomb
cast,Lightning Chain
cast,Flame Wave - Wide

attack skills can be used this way.

but not attacking :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s only for buffs. It won’t select any monsters.

If it attacks the script, I manually select monster.

because it takes 1 hour to kill Ghost Serenes.

It won’t matter. The bot has to choose the monster.

you say there is no solution for this job. Keep killing manually …