Ryan or Silkroad community please edit Plugin

type the job experience = Malesef tekrar denemelisin.

Ryan or any supperter or comunity pls edit chat
i dont know pytonr or code programs only need plugint in message edit
Plugin have in from

from phBot import *
import phBotChat
from time import sleep

log(“Plugin: JobSecure successfully loaded.”)

All chat messages received are sent to this function

def handle_chat(t, player, msg):
if player:
# System nickname
if player == “[JobSecure]”:
# Question
if “type the job experience” in msg.lower():
# Answer
reply = str(get_character_data()[“job_current_exp”])
# Reply
log(“Plugin: Reply the answer [”+reply+"]")

if "type the job experience" in msg.lower():

the message is being converted to lowercase, that’s your issue.
Malesef tekrar denemelisin will never be identical to malesef tekrar denemelisin.

You can also use this method instead:

import re
if re.search('Malesef tekrar denemelisin',msg, re.IGNORECASE):
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You are amazing :heart_decoration:

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