Run while windows locked?

does phbot run it self & game & open game or reopen or reconnect or any normal activities…
while my windows10pro64x screen is locked ? (WIN+L)
if it does … phbot manager & claptrap both needed? or manager Only can do?
cuz other bot’s … fail to run client…
does this bot do it or…?

I actually had something very interesting happen this morning.

For some reason, my PC restarted last night. When I woke up, the PC was on the lock screen. When I entered my password to login for the first time, phmanager was already running, all my phbots had started, and all characters were logged in and had been botting for hours. I suspect this is because I set phmanager to open on windows startup and to open all bots when it launches.

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u using claptrap ?

no. im on private servers

guess still need an answer … regarding the isro server…

try it

Sniper there’s nothing to worry about
Happy boring.