Phbot alış satışta (C) deki puanı soruyor

Bunu yapabilecek birisi var mı yardımcı olursa çok sevnirim ona göre botumu uzatacam ? ‘’ C’’ deki job puanını soruyor soru cevapda Hem alırken hem satarken soruyor ?

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Translation; Can someone do this? if you can help me out l will be very happy, also renew my phbot. It’s asking the job exp from C’ inside the brackets on bottom.

so yea hi everyone again, i’m currently playing the RSilkroad 110 cap as well. i tried to manually change things but i’m not that good with codding and stuff. waiting for your help dear @Ryan

also has 30 sec answer delay as well just forgot to mention that (:

It has been answered in another thread. C’mon, there are just a few at this section!

Sadly bad titles are making this a soup.

this script don’t Work
from phBot import *
import phBotChat

import re
from time import sleep

def handle_chat(t, player, msg):
if player.find(‘BotCheck’) != -1 and msg.find(‘Please’) != -1:
phBotChat.Private(player, str(get_character_data()[‘job_current_exp’]))

log(’[%s] Loaded’ % name)

i have some problem who can sort out this

caravan trade products you is sell gold job experience exp start to adding
work experience is not right in the game because you are wasting your time
the only way to solve it is only work experience should only based the parentheses, or the bot will give the wrong answer by constantly pulling the wrong job experience