Return scroll

hey @ryan could you edit return to town and if quest compete , bot use 1st gift return
then santa wing then special return then normal return ??

What order do you want it to use them in?

i make my chars pick return and sell it and buy special return to use them but always bot uses normal return, i bought to my char 3k special to use them when a quest complete and still use normal return, i fixed this by droping those return scrolls but if you could edit it that will be great

This is the order:

Beginner instant recall scroll
Instant Return Scroll
Instant Return Scroll (mall / event)
Special Return Scroll
Beginner Return Scroll
(Token) Return Scroll
Santa Wing

It uses the fastest ones first with the exception of the first one listed.

lol santa wing is so fast

i will test it again isa and pm, test santa wing, its so fast.

is token return means normal return scroll?

Token is the scrolls you get using token items. It’s in parenthesis because that is also a regular return scroll as well.

understood, if you need an acc to test santa wing it’s ok, santa must be before special return.

I’ll change Santa Wings to be before the instant return scrolls.

yes, that will be great, if you have time i have other suggest ?

Just post it. I’m going to sleep anyway.

its about orders but in attack tabs

now if you added skills in general and party bot will use general skills to every other tab i don’t added any skill to it , i don’t want this way, if i added skills in general and party i must added skills to every tab, because they will take the skills of general i don’t want this way too :joy:
for ex
i added common attack in general,
i added earth, fire, frozen in the party tab
if i am not added any skills to other tabs bot will use common for gp, champion pt and strong,
but if you could edit it that will be very very very great.

i hope you can understand me and thanks anyway.

Are you sure that you have enabled the corresponding option?

can you give me SS

Enable use lower skills. That option will use champion skills for a giant monster if giant skills aren’t set for example.

this option only work with champion and gaint ?

No. That’s an example.