Reset skills quest from dw

Hello I’m plvling my account at Shambhala and I want to do the “reset skills quest” auto from DW potion NPC
my town is dw and I searched the quest and clicked “enable” and “use return scroll” what else should I do to add the quest?
should I set a walk a script ? or should i add it in the char’s script ? or what ?

You can’t do that with auto quest in the bot since it’s completely different from every other quest.

oh I wish I could , anyway thanks
btw I suggested before to add an “enable/disable” checkbox or radio button for “scrolls” in “Protection” instead of checking and unchecking them everytime
as i use them only in FW, would be much easier if you can add that
best regards

I added buttons for it. Is that not what you wanted?

oh maybe you mis-understood my request or I didn’t explain it well

I want something like this that keeps my checked scrolls the same but it enables them or disables them or I don’t need to check/uncheck all of the scrolls
it keeps my checked stuff the same but disables/enables them
I have no idea what did you add I was waiting for it since the suggestion I did and thought you got busy or something

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It most likely will not be added to stable.

ah okay.