[REQUEST] Plugin for Warrior / Cleric

Hi Guys,

I got a Plugin Request tbh I think it must have been requested before because its quit obvious but I couldnt find anything like it so here goes:

I would like a Plugin / Feature that has the following logic.
For Warrior Char: If Wizzard ( x Class ) in PT give pain quota / phy mag fence
For Cleric Char: If Wizzard (x Class ) in PT give STR INT / Phy Mag

as this is already possible with specific characters via the Attack → Party window for a named / specific char in Party I would like the feature to target based in “beeing in Party and beeing of class X” instead.

Use Case: I open a Party and put it in Matching and go afk for 4-5 hrs. someone joins during that time and I can’t auto buff him untill I come back and put him manually in the Party Buff list.
Same for when I have a specific charname in the list and he leaves 5 min after I go afk I am not buffing the new party member.

If there is a way to archive my desired goal in another way other then a Plugin please lt me know.

Thanks for reading and any help.

Have a good one.

You wouldn’t really be able to do it with a plugin because you can’t cast buffs on players via plugins, it’s blocked.

Maybe a Plugin that periodically scans for players in party based on weapon equipped and then adds their names to the party buff list.


Yes that’s potentially possible by editing the json file

Wouldn‘t the json be overwritten by the bot?
Also you would have to restart the bot to load the changes in the json or is there a way to trigger it?

anyone got an idea / knows how to implement this feature?
Unfortunately I am clueless when it comes to python and coding…

Although you can edit the buff list by editing the json file, theres no real way to know if you have a wizard in your party or not through plugins. The only thing you could do is, if char X in party > change buff list. But you could already acheive that though conditions and changing profiles…

the bot can scan for weapons via “players” and could identify every class through equipped weapon.

For a profile switch workaround to work I would need to know the new player by name before he joins which is exactly what I dont know when a new player joins via matching that is a wizzard (for example).

  1. Is there a way to buff any new player with buffs X?
  2. If 1. is possible then is there a way to modify action 1. to scan for if player joined party and is in range and is equipped with staff then cast buff X on him

Yes but you can’t access that info with a plugin…

You can set the bot to buff all nearby players which will apply the buffs randomly. Seems you won’t be able to do exactly what you want

Maybe phbot adds new feature :smiley:

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