[Request] Enable/Disable Notice

Greetings everyone.

I’d like to know if someone make a plugin to disable unique and gm notice?

it’s important to everyone who makes sro videos.

these are opcodes: 0x300C and 0x3026
idk how to code it.

# All packets received from game server will be passed to this function
# Returning True will keep the packet and False will not forward it to the game client
def handle_joymax(opcode,data):
	if opcode == 0x300C:
		return False
	elif opcode == 0x3026:
		chatType = data[0]
		if chatTye == 7: # Notice messages (pink)
			return False
	return True

Thank you so much.

“Python Error: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable”

is that normal?

No but there is a typo

chatTye needs to be chatType

I’ve changed it already. that error comes out same.