Request conditions


request condition " IF XP fatigue/gain at 100 "

there is a “IF EXP Ratio” in the list
is that it?
is this about amount of EXP gaining?
if so

request another IF
IF fatigue time remain(seconds)

to combine it with THEN
return town
& Disconnect
the Enable/disable All conditions…

EXP ratio is the fatigue guage. The remaining time calculation seems to differ depending on the locale so it’s not available as a condition.

can phbot testing … read the timer as plain text at least?

like example
IF EXP Ratio Time [ = ] [ 0 ]hr [ 9 ]min
having 2x section to add numbers/time
for the bot to act based on this plain text reading…

THEN blablabla



since this “disable / Enable all” will effect its self…

would be easier to have it
“disable & enable condition” & a window on Building … to choose which condition it effects…
to avoid disabling it self & its opposite
since they are acting in behalf of the player…


condition THEN Monster Summon
i had hard time at first … understanding…

if its meant for monster summon SCROLL
or pet/fellow summon …

since i see “THEN Unsummon Attack pet”
but no “THEN Summon Attack pet”


request changing the name
THEN “Monster summon”
THEN “Monster Summon Scroll”

since some of us aren’t main English…


request adding
THEN “THEN Summon Attack pet”
THEN “Walk”


Request an “OR” in “IF” section at the top if its list…
& the ability to push up & down the added IF list…

in a way to make the adds between OR
to trigger that condition if one of them … is met…

You can already disable a single condition by adding disable to it.

Its named “monster summon” because they’re other things to summon monsters than just monster summon scrolls.

There’s no need for an OR as you can just add another condition with different IF’s but with the same THEN.

i heard some some nations have staged politicians of 2x from the head…

the first group’s job is to be as negative as possible
the 2nd group’s job is the opposite…

to result in pushing the crowed to the 2nd option
even though they are both 2heads for the same coin…

are you part of the first group? is this whats going on?
are you just lazy to add or update?

saying “there is no need” … who asked for your personal negative opinion?

its a feature requested by a subscriber…


i did mentioned other stuff
so you ignored them …assuming they pleased you…

but just commenting on the other stuff… all negative comments
i guess u really do like to a negative person…

seeing the news of combining 4dead servers to 1x
& adding low fatigue sys in it
game sinking more & more & more quitters more than new players…
u think your stupid comment will help positively or negatively…
on this matter?

enough the time gap in silkroad related forums … including this…
threads & even replies
feels more like desert…

just STFU & dont piss others off
if u dont agree then keep it to ur self…

Explaining something should not be assumed to be negative. Adding an OR is pointless because you can already do that, I’m explaining how to achieve what you want with the current available conditions. I have no control over the bot so the best I can do is explain.

That’s not negative, I’m sorry you’ve interpreted it that way.