Removing GameGuard from sro_client

I’m working my way around to setting up a decent 1.065 server (that allows bots at least).
But I can’t figure out a way of removing Game Guard from sro_client.

This is what I get without modifying the client.

Followed this steps on how to remove it but no success so far.

After modifying the client.

The client was salvaged from web archive from bot369/258.
If necessary, I can upload.

Thats exacly what I did, even linked it on my post lol.

That guide is pretty old so I don’t know if it would still work for the client you’re modifying. You could try renaming “GameGuard” to “GameGuar2” in the client. I used to do that and it would prevent it from loading.

Yeah I’ve tried that, and got this when trying to open the client.


Weird thing is that this client doesn’t have the n_protect.dat also.
Not sure how original this client is also, since it came from bot258/369.