Relogin Problem

i got two problems with client mode via manager relogin.
in first relogin it opening Client if not connected it will relog the next time in clientless mode, hwid packet give login error 12 then manager terminate the bot and start it again
*(i login in proxy mode) so it take more one time to successfully logged in.
for that i disable relogin bot itself.

some times if i open an account in-game in client mode, and another botting account dc, in relogin it couldn’t start client until i close the running client or kill it.

Why are you letting the bot relog by itself? You should let the Manager do it. I can’t fix client not opening bugs because those are either game bugs or issues related to your PC where another instance won’t open for whatever reason.

its ok @Ryan i just ask if this common problem or not.
for 1st problem i already doing relogin from Manager not from bot itself.
for 2nd problem i found a solution i copied the client in another location and i added two servers in phbot one for manager botting and one for game play.

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