Relog manager ip ban

Hi all. Yesterday I dced in 20 chars (I click the queue option in each particular phbot but somehow they relloged like 5 at once). I have in manager to relog 2 at once. Should I click the “relog in disconnect” option in the edit section of the manager instead of the queue option to avoid ip ban?

Manager does relogging automatically you don’t have to enable “Relog on disconnect” also it was passive as far as I know. Only thing you need to do is enabling Queue. That’s it.

If you’re not using any proxies, don’t forget to set “Login 2 accounts at once.” to prevent IP ban.

Sadly I have an issue with the manager that it diesnt starts alk accounts. I must open them manually and add them later (only happens with few ones, though), so thats why I used the manual login options when they get DC

That’s tough. :upside_down_face:

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