Reincarnate feature

i see some private servers
have the option to reincarnate back to lvl 1
if you reached a certain high lvl(each server to its limits)
bringing this up after watching this:

was wandering if there are other games than silkroad…
with the reincarnate feature
that this anime is based on…
or is there a game based on silkroad?
like ONE of gintama’s episodes…

The concepts comes from Mu Online actually.

Not official one since there is only a lv. 400 CAP but from private servers out there since +10 years ago.

More “resets” you make, more skill points you’ll obtain to make stronger the character. The amount or accumulative points depends on the private server. It’s harder to play in the beginning but easier in late game since the monster didn’t hurt you at that point.

Some Silkroad private servers take it as “Rebirth” system.

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