Regarding condition THEN Enable/disable all


there is this option in condition >> THEN section
to enable or disable all…

is this about “disable or enable all conditions”?

if so
is it effected by its OWN command?
will the “disable all” impact the Disable & enable THENs?

i would like to create a condition for bot to trigger MS based on certain time or certain XP fatigue(100%gain… after that condition would be added)

this would help speed up lvling up progress…
as u know how slow XP is the more you level…

It disables the conditon its added to… some things are easy to test youself

says “disable ALL”
the word ALL meaning not just the ONE condition it has been added to…

like IF Time ##:## THEN Disable All (conditions made in list of first page(?))

but the question was
does it disable it self too & the Enable all too?

wont that defeat the purpose of these 2x THENs?

disables all, including itself.