Reducing Bot Memory

Hi, I have a question about this feature. My bot uses a lot of RAM(each 30-80 MB) and I am trying to reduce the memory usage. Is this option in manager viable? It says it may cause stability issues, does anyone use it? What are the consequences? Are there any other methods to optimize the bot like turning off certain settings?

Buy more RAM :slight_smile:

:grin: Sure this an option, but I heard some people with 16GB RAM are running 3x-4x more chars than me( I have 8GB), that is why I wanted to ask.

You could use RAMMap or that kind software to lower your RAM usage but it will increase the CPU usage.

By personal preference, I like to use my quick utility to manually lower the RAM from SR_Client or such processes when I need RAM and/or these processes are running on background.


download more RAM is better
I recommend to download more 8GB RAM


can you link it ?

That is great. I downloaded 2 TB of RAM and now I can open 1826318 chars Thanks :heart_eyes:


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