Is there a plugin to detect if part of the quest is done?
Quest has kill X and kill Y.

Can I do:
If X complete, change spot to Y etc?

you can already do that with phbot

How can I do it??

Found you can set training areas for each objective, need more help.

Is it possible to check for objectives on server specific quests? Autoquest works, just objectives don’t show up.

Is this possible?

Which quest? The objectives probably aren’t being detected correctly in the text files so it doesn’t list them.

It’s on a pserver Ignition, they are custom. The bot will return quest automatically just training areas wont show up. I am trying to find workaround for it.

It’s a custom NPC in Hotan:

Any workarounds?

use script commands to take it

Yes the bot will do that also return when done but I need bot to kill 2000 snipers, switch spot to kill 2000 hunters etc… The quests are custom so I need to find a workaround.