Question related to IP BAN

Hi folks,

After a few years of quitting,I started playing again on Nyx. I have bought phbot and I have a very important question.
I know already that its not possible to login more than 2 chars in the same time,and my question about this is: I have laptops in my house…I can connect 2-2 char from them each in the same time, or only 2 in total? So that means 1-1 or 2-0?
Is this ban for the internet IP itself or for the device?

Thank you for your answer in advance

It’s based on IP so it wouldn’t matter if you open on different devices. Also to be clear it’s 2 chars in the queue at once, when those 2 enter you can put 2 more in queue.

The only way around this limit is with proxies.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Can you recommend me any trusted site which sell proxys?

Use at your own risk.

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