Question on xTargetSupport plugin

hello @JellyBitz

does this

ignore this

or this

or this 3 options under each other


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Nothing about ignoring. If you use defensive mode, it will target any entity attacking you.

This plugin is usefull on fortress war only as helper for party members.

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that poisoned the game xD

nice efforts though…

does this option in this plugin

have any reason to automatically be disabled?

cuz i remember enabling it all on all chars few days ago
but now i see its all been disabled…


Because it’s not meant to be used while botting. If you have it always enabled you will have problems.

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i have it always enabled
& works fine while boting
watching it
no problems
how can i remove this auto reset?
which codeLine?

If you just want it on every char you can just change this to True

def loadDefaultConfig():
	# Clear data

Again this would be for every char that loads the plugin…

if there is no player name added in that section

will it bugout or something?

No it shouldn’t

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hello bro, can you help me with this issue? I cannot access this plugin. can you share with me?

i need Like Download Plugins TargetSupport