[Question] [21.4.8] [1.232]

I just got phbot a few hours ago and cannot seem to be able to read anything as if it’s in the wrong locale? is that what it is? anyway when i select isro i can read things but I’ve been trying for about an hour and cannot seem to get the sro client to be in English. Trying it on Fury-Sro

For 99% of private servers you do not need to select “English”. That option is only there for the official vSRO server that is not in English by default.

I’m not familiar with Fury-Sro. Is it vSRO based or is it iSRO?

uhh to be honest i don’t know the difference of vsro or isro, level cap 110… maybe that helps? how would i find out if it’s vsro or isro? uhh the problem more specifically is like… everything has 0s Screenshot - 5a7ebfe49530f46fdd6bcef7614d86b1 - Gyazo here’s a picture of it

this may mean it’s vsro? Screenshot - 9b2fa217a96de3c96fd9310b95e1c799 - Gyazo

That looks like vSRO. To add it to the bot you should add it under the “Private Server” option and do not select anything for the type.

Also do not select the “English” option since it is not necessary for private servers.

i got this selected Screenshot - 7fed8fd61a777425d27141e75f5dff89 - Gyazo

That looks good. Just save it and unselect “English” before starting the client.

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Thank you so much! it’s working now. <3

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