Quest completed notification

an option here

to push a notification on windows “notification center”

same as other in that section in first image
only push notifications that are manually picked from here

as in “notify me” or “notifications”
the option is not permanent
meaning if the quest was removed(deleted/delivered)
it will also remove that “setup” for notification concerning that Quest


hello @Ryan
highly suggest & need an option as fellowing:

rightclick on Quest & choose"notify me" or something among those words

would be nice if its a onetime thing…
as in its removed upon removing/delivering the Quest

not that notification is not removable by closing phbot & opening it again … incase of DC & manager reopened it…

also notification by PING & push to windows notification center
wither the phbot window is opened or minimized in the taskbar or hidden by phmanager…

or by an option no notify me with a sound here:

upz upz
u know #discord is not the Only suggestion section … Brrruuuuh

thx for adding this feature…

i had a quest finished
but didnt hear a PING or notification center display
phbot window wasn’t hidden … but behind other programs

in PM’s
it PINGs & display a msg by win10 notification center…
while hidden
& when its not hidden & even client opened
it at least window PING’s…
incase i wasn’t paying attention
or have another program opened over it…


will it displays “Quest completed” or something … when hidden
but no PING sound…

There’s not supposed to be a sound. It’s just whatever noise Windows plays as default when it shows a notification.

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