QtBind.isChecked wrong value?

Minimal coding example:

import QtBind
from phBot import *

gui = None
chk_is_activate = None

def init_gui():
    global gui
    global chk_is_activate

    gui = QtBind.init(__name__, __name__)
    chk_is_activate = QtBind.createCheckBox(gui, 'activate_on_click', 'Activate', 500, 38)
    QtBind.setChecked(gui, chk_is_activate, False)
    log(f"Default Checked status: {QtBind.isChecked(gui, chk_is_activate)}" )

def activate_on_click(checked):

def joined_game():
    global gui
    global chk_is_activate

    log("Joined game")
    active_status = True
    QtBind.setChecked(gui, chk_is_activate, active_status)
    log(f"Config checked status: {QtBind.isChecked(gui, chk_is_activate)}" )

log("Plugin test loaded")

Am I missing something or why is this printing false in ‘joined_game’?
The actual checkbox is checked in the GUI.

I want to (de)-activate my plugin based on some conditions, therefore I’m using this checked state, but it’s returning false. Currently, I’m reading from a cfg file the activation state, but it’s always set to false.
Is there an alternative way to (de)-activate a plugin? I don’t want all chars to use the plugin, so it’s kinda bothersome doing this is checked stuff in multiple locations, but it’s doing the job.

@Ryan can you check into this?

Works fine… you must have an issue elsewhere in your code.

[21:33:22] Default Checked status: False
[21:33:22] Plugin test loaded
[21:33:26] Joined game
[21:33:26] Config checked status: True