[PythonAPI][Suggestion] get_drops() *character_name

some item drops belong to a specific character, e.g. some event items or trading goods. The name of the character is in sro display with *character_name in the label of the item.
Would it be possible to return this character name in the results of get_drops?

My use case:
I implemented a plugin to pick trading goods after I respawn my trading pet. The problem is, that if I trade with friends and both of our trading pets die, my plugin tries to pick also the other goods, since the plugin doesnt know which of the trading goods belong to me.


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It only tracks your items and only if it can pick them up based on the filter.

It´s about the python API and not about the pick filter.
I am picking the items through my plugin, since the phbot itself is not able to pick trading goods.
Could you add the character name of event and trading goods to the results of get_drops()?

Or do you mean get_drops() returns only my items? If that´s what you are saying, than get_drops() is bugged, since it also returns the trading goods of other players, which are for sure not my items.