Proxy Problem What is the solution?

I get this error when logging in via proxy
What is the solution.
I have a surprise to find a solution

Private Server



It doesn’t look like a proxy related issue but an account related. Can you try logging in to that account without using proxy, preferrably without bot as well.

I tried it without using a proxy , it is entering

It gives an error like this when I try to login via proxy

The proxy youre using might be flagged and not allowed, if youre using a free one try another proxy that you can find. If rented, you can ask your provider to change ip/port if they’re up to.

Proxy Problem What is the solution?


None you obviously can’t use proxies in that server.

Everything has a way to overcome. The important thing is to find the right way.

Try to buy a better proxy. A private residential proxy or something. But those can be pricey. I don’t have any recommended providers.

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Oke.thank you