Proxy does not work with authentication


I’ve set up a proxy server with authentication (Socks5). Tried to use it with the bot but It could not connect to the game server. I’ve checked proxy server logs, the bot not even hitting the server. Then, I remove the authentication from the proxy server (it is basic auth btw), it started to work with socks4. But in this case, my proxy server is open to the public.

My question is how I can make the bot work with an authenticated proxy server? I don’t wanna open my proxy server to the world :frowning:

You can’t. Proxies can only be used with the game connection.

I use my own VPS as a socks5 proxy with authentication (username:pass) and it works just fine!

I followed this guide on Ubuntu 16.04 and it works right out of the bat! (And currently have over 50 accounts with proxy w/ authentication)

Cheers mate

Nevermind. I thought he was talking about the entire bot through the proxy. Yes, SOCKS 5 with authentication does work.

Thanks for the tutorial, my config is just set and correct. I can use the proxy with any other apps but PhBot :frowning:

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