Protect Party Members

I’m coming over from the Sbot, and there was a way to target enemies that were targeting a certain player, aka protect that player. I would love to know if i can do that with your bot, haven’t found it yet…

If you right click on their name in the party you can set it.


I did not know that. :grinning: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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thanks, aslo having an issue with my bot using the wrong res skill, when the pt is dead i want group res, but its doing solo, and its to slow, we all die again, i dont want to take other res skills off cause i want a backup if the cooldown is still going on group res (2min) but its using the single skill first… any ideas.

It’s supposed to be doing group res if there is more than one person dead. How far away are the characters?

So i have 2 skills listed in buffs, the first his group res the second is a single target. the chars are may 10 spaces away and the training radius is 20 (if that matters) its ressing the one thats further from the others with the single target.

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