Proof alchemy

Hello, would it be possible to add basic proof auto alchemy to the alchemy section, just like 1-11dg but for proofs. Basically, it would only require the bot to be able to use enhancers as elixirs and proof stones as lucky powders. This would be extremely helpful. There is already a section for shining stones which works fine so this should be possible?

Thank you so much for the phbot auto alchemy btw, it’s excellent.

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Isn’t that pointless to add because the 12 degree alchemy and up is completely pay to win?

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Yeah but, but it will be useful on c.sro servers non-pay2win. We play in a server where proof stones are not by money, and sometimes we lost MUCH TIME wasting like 500 enhancers for make a single acessory piece +7, is hard. Having this feature on bot would help us a lot :slight_smile:

Oh yes exactly this, there are couple c.sro-r file servers where this would be very much needed, been in the past even an isro-r server where the proof stones were not as pay2win. Also I do know few insane pay to win players in the official servers who spam silk for the proof stones, perhaps they might be interested in something like that as well.

If someone wants to send me a cSROR account with those items so I can test it that would be great.

It`s a Total loss