Problems when I try to connect to the game

Hello, after almost a year without entering the game, today I reloaded my bot and tried to connect in the usual way, with the hidden client, but the client opens automatically and does not let me login after 3 attempts it gives me an error and it blocks me, how can I solve this, I need your help

whats the error? and what server?

Server Theia, Normally there was traffic, but now it kicks me out, and after 3 login attempts it gives me the error that it is blocked.

It’s better if you show the bot log to understand the error.

But I assume what’s happening to you is the login queue is full. If the queue is over 1000 you can’t enter it so you have to just keep trying until you get a spot in the queue. You don’t get blocked after 3 tries though so just keep trying. You will get blocked for 24 hours eventually though if you try like 100 times.

Thank you for responding, my problem is the same one you mentioned, you are right, I am trying and finally I was able to join the queue, Thank you

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