Problems DC please help

hi. from this morning I got problems with 1 char.
I got 8 chars. 7 off them works fine , but the bard getting dc 1 minute after conected.
all the chars got VIP
does anyone know why this happens? thanks
all worked fine till this morning

and after 5-6 times relog I’m getting ip ban

Having exactly same problem. (All Chars VIP Silver) Mostly caused by my buff Chars. Ryan maybe they dc because of doulble buff? Pls take a look about

delete your config and reconfig your acocunt

is it really working?

i have this problem on my main char. i just intal the 23.8.6 version. until now is fine
i hope is fix, you need to intral manual

So, this version doesnt work as well. And i have to delete all my 48 configs to make it work again? That’s sad

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amazing xD

even after i update the phbot
while im logged in
stopped or dead
im safe
but once the bots start training
i get DC after DC
on my 2x chinese lvl -91 only

1 build is glaive/cold
other is nuker/force

at alexandria mobs 100

maybe they DC with they get other race buff that is not in there mastery or something?

my 115 vip nuker sword/elements
is botting safe with no DC

Has to be a server issue. If you disconnect while just standing in town it’s not the bot causing it.

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