Problem with walking to res players

My cleric always gets stuck in FGW / job temple when it attempts to res / walk back from res to other players.

in job temple it almost ALWAYS gets stuck trying to walk somewhere out of map, only stop-starting the bot fixes this behavior in temple.

in FGW it gets stuck with and without collision detection activated, it just seems to always retry to “walk” to a coordinate on the bot log, even though physically seeing the character, it doesnt even move.

Any ideas what I could do to fix this?

If you show me exactly where it’s happening in game and on the map I’ll be able to test it.

temple 2

its hard to get the exact spots where this is happening in FGW, but basically after any res attempt happens, the bot goes directly to the “final” training area and doesnt resume the script as it should ( using xdungeon plugin and scripts)

only clerics are affected, the rest work flawlessly ( since they have nothing to do with res )

do you need more/different pictures of map location where it gets stuck ?

For these kind of situations, it is good to have the config file so that maybe we can also test. Maybe adding this option to phBot would be a good idea. What do you think @Ryan?
If you ask my opinion about this, you probably used “Get Position” for 1 character and then used put “x,y” manually for other characters. Maybe try to change training area from config file using “region, x, y, z”.

i have no problem supplying the config file, however its mostly the area/location that is the problem.

this only happens when the bot attempts to res somebody, then it attempts to “auto walk” back for some reason this leads it to infinitely try walking into the wall outside of temple entirely while the training area is right there.

just stopping and starting the bot fixes the problem as it forces it to follow the script coordinates instead of “auto walk”

Also no, all of them are set using a script, nothing was set manually for a specific character, and the problem is consistent enough for multiple cleric chars ( not just one party here )

I’m working on it.

Give it a try now.