Problem with my party nivel 56

I have problems with: my chars sometimes they do not win exp, I have to close and reload the bot window, fails to repot, returns to my training area without HP or MP, and is disconnected very often.

If you’re not gaining EXP it’s because of the EXP ratio being 0%. Joymax implemented a fatigue system so you only get 100% EXP and 50% EXP for a certain number of hours.

You can see the current ratio on the “Statistics” tab.

To prevent this go to Protection > Misc.
tick Stop bot at 50% EXP
Stop bot at 0% EXP

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Ohh okey, thank, and with repot?

The bot automatically buys the free potions. If it did not try deleting your Town folder and opening the bot again so they are recreated. I don’t know if you’re an old user so you may not have the new scripts for the low level characters.

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