Problem With Maneger

Hellow i need problem withe second pw with maneger, idk why bug

i deleted acc and try again, and still error… and host with problem cant download again other vesion maneger

It’s not the Manager. Your ISP is probably blocking the passcode domain.

ips ? idk

i try login manual working 100%, but auto log idk why bug…

what u can make for help me?

So that means your encryption file corrupted. I’m so curious how people actually make it happen. :slight_smile: Be careful about what you install on your machine.

Their power goes out and it doesn’t completely save to disk.

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So we’re lucky to have a battery. :slight_smile: (laptop)

Maybe checking the virtual memory could help. Also maybe they need a faster storage. Like SSD.

can you all send me the link to download manager I had the same problem and it seems I need to delete it and reinstall.