Problem with Manager, can´t log

Problem with Manager.

When starting Manager my characters at any moment try to login and disconnect all the time from top to bottom.

Sro and Bot are updated, from one moment to another has begun to act like this.


Did you set it to login one at a time?

Yes, but work fine all time, now can’t log anyone, try all time and state changes to onfline.

I have not played anything, it has always worked well, except when I had to update the game, I checked it but there was no update.

The truth is that I do not know why this is happening.


Restart everything.

I already did it and it still does not work

Anyone Knows about this?


When I’m in Manager and one is ready to login, I right click and Show, when the Phbot window of each client appears, it puts this.

[22:48:55] You have 1 day left for iSRO / SilkroadR / vSRO / cSRO SilkroadR
[22:49:01] Data load status: 100%
[22:49:02] Connecting to the gateway server []
[22:49:02] Connected
[22:49:02] Login: Server [PureSro] could not be found, did you misspell it?

What has changed from one day to the next?

How do I solve this?

Edit the private server and see what’s wrong.