Problem with bot training area

some how my bots end up on the edge of the training area and stop attacking (to far out maby?) the bot wont attack and just stand still on the radius circle you see on bot map pls any one know how to fix it?

Accidentally enabled “don’t attack monsters”? Switched your training type to a polygon instead of radius with no polygon drawn on the map?

no i didnt accidenttally enabled dont attack monsters option, it just happens after some time botting, like i go to work and in evening some attack chars in pt has this problem, radius should not be a isseu beceuse pt is in open place without obstackels or anything that would make them stuck

I had this problem as well. Drove me crazy for a couple of days. The character would stop just outside the training area circle and accept death.

Fixed it by disabling these two options in training area settings.

i already had them disabled

HEY! im trying do some training and my char keeps resting “sitting down” during battle… TFFF?! Ive gone through most of the program, pretty sure there isnt a “CBF” setting… lol

It’s because you turned on “Sit”.