Problem whit Respawning/use Resurection scroll

i want to mack a lvl 6 char to go to a high lvl traning place
is high chase to die on road, i was setup it to use resurection scroll but is not work, any ideea why is happen this?
I also did a test, to get him back in town if he dies, but he doesn’t do anything, is show me same
srv is Bellon

Enable dead.

i just test it
[02:26:09] Script: Walking to -5305, 2443
[02:26:10] Script: Walking to -5316, 2430
[02:26:12] Script: Walking to -5327, 2408
[02:26:13] You died by 1x Hun Archer
[02:26:17] Dead: Respawning here

and is not respowning. is just stai. and btw, idk why buy joymax remove the respown option for under lvl 10 chars

Which server is this?

isro srv Bellona

Are you sure they removed that feature?

in my srv is remove… idk on onther srv

i just test more.
i was mack lvl 10 whit that char. and after this, is use the resurect scroll
i think will need a option to ignore/delete the old option whit Respawning, to work properly
i’m right?

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