Private Server List

Does anyone have a list of servers with the following types:

  • vSRO 193
  • vSRO 274 (Pioneer was using these files)
  • cSROR (not official)
  • Black Rogue
  • thSRO
  • jSRO (not official)

Basically anything but vSRO 1.188. It feels like it’s impossible to find servers using these files otherwise I wouldn’t be posting. If someone can post a link so I can do some testing that’d be great.

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apperently noone :smiley:

^ true :smiley:

I dont test these but User: zajebitsu posted possible cSROR servers in my forum, because he wants me to rewrite my tool for csror:

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  • is cSRO SilkroadR (private server) files.
  • play-blackrogue is vSRO 1.188.
  • mgc188 is possibly something new. I can’t access the PK2, yet.