Plugins: API Request - Alchemy

would it be possible to add an API to use the bot alchemy?
I would like to automate the alchemy process.

My use case:
I am playing on a private server where the drop rate is pretty high. Currently I am storing all item drops from my pt on the guild storage and I am using one char to clean the guild storage by taking the items from the GS and storing them afterwards on my storage.
Here I would like to add a step, so the char is taking the items from the guild storage, then starting the alchemy through the plugin and only storing items which have reached for example +9 to the storage (the rest got probably destroyed during alchemy)

It would be super nice, if we could get an API like:
add_item_plus_to_alchemy_queue(all the required parameters)
add_item_attribute_to_alchemy_queue(all the required parameters)
add_item_alchemic_to_alchemy_queue(all the required parameters)
And if possible an Event or a callback once the alchemy queue finishes.


++ I need