[Plugin] xControl

In TRSRO - Knidos server this plugin is not working. How can i fix that?

Not allowed on TRSRO.

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Hello guys ,
I need a hellp im playing server teleport from jangan to hotan direct and Q1 not worrking in this server because GM making editing in Tp farry … now i want xcontrol editing for can tp with Q1 … any hellp??


Why did I install the plugin but when I reload it, the Plugin doesn’t appear in the Bot section? What’s wrong?

This plugin is not allowed on TRSRO or VTC.

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Are there any plugins that cannot be used for SRO VTC? Thanks

Hello! @JellyBitz Help, please, I can’t use the “USE” command. I can’t find a solution anywhere( Absolutely nothing works with it. One option is "USE 10% damage absorption scroll.” What is the correct syntax for using “USE”?

Nicknames are not added to the list. Same problem exists in xChanger. Please help.

can you help me, i do trace CMD on some one in game when we do Carvan and when he telport he say [Q1] and then every one telport with him and i cant with this Plugin, can you do edit for me or tell me how i can edit on this Plugin. thanks


Recently someone reached out to me from Russian Silkroad. He was having an issue with “use item” command with this plugin. I guess it is because Russian Silkroad has its own database file. In your plugin, it is not added. I did my homework. I am not sure if this is going to fix the problem but basically the problem occurs because Russian database is not loaded. In def GetDatabaseConnection(): function, you need to add another if to resolve the problem. Here is the updated code:

def GetDatabaseConnection():
	# TrSRO
	elif locale == 56:
		return sqlite3.connect(bot_path+"/Data/TRSRO.db3")
	# ruSRO
	elif locale == 59:
		return sqlite3.connect(bot_path+"/Data/ruSRO.db3")
	return None

Getting this error when trying to load the plugin. Other plugins seem to work.
Any ideas on how to fix it?