[Plugin] sInventoryCount

Type commands from the attached leader to check your entire party’s inventory

Command List:

inv : Check the empty slots of the entire party’s inventory
gold : Check the gold of the whole party
exp : Check the level and exp of the whole party
pouch : Check the pouch of the whole party (Specialty)
lamp : Check the lamps in the inventory of the whole party
sox : Check the sox items in your inventory. (except your gear)

(w,a,s,acc) : Use one of the commands to check the elixirs in your inventory. (change the relevant part of the code to change the degree )

Code : Code Link
GitHub Link : GitHub


not working. always answers 0

I made this for 10dg elixirs. You should replace the above part with the degree you want

@slo worked. thanks. Can we do this for gold ?

i would suggestion few features maybe u could add those gonna be so helpful… with botting with a lot of account

1- command can be work through guild’s
2- command can send the gold that they have
3- command can return the ammount of elixirs they have including the elixir in the storgs

thank you for ur amazing plugin <3

Thank you for your suggestions, I will work on it.

@slo hi;

Thanks a lot for this plugin. It is very useful for me :slight_smile:

Can we look at the amount of gold in the inventory by writing “gold”? w: elixir weapon
a: elixir pro

Gold: the amount of Gold in the inventory

I made a few changes according to your suggestions. @Mo7ammadQ8 @gurkan10

In the current version, return messages are from the guild chat. If you want to change it, you can change the location below to ‘party’.


Current version does not have these, only elixir
Can you share your latest version here?

I updated the links in the post

thanks a lot, it was perfect <3

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i appreciate ur work, will be tested soon <3

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Change log v0.4

  • Counts pick pet as well as inventory
  • “Pouch” command added for check specialty goods box
  • “inv” command added for check empty space in inventory
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Change log v1.0

  • New command added
  • Command list added in gui

I tried this plugin, good work mate. I wanna suggest something, can you add stored item’s count too?