[Plugin] Silkroad Remote (mobil app)

Yakın süre içerisinde iOS sürümünü de bekliyoruz. Teşekkürler


Good job, looks good, I don’t like how you got your middle man server handling the requests between the mobile app and the phbot, but doing it in another could potentially be more harmful.
I would add HTTPS to your requests, you can get a free certificate at Let’s Encrypt.


noted, thank you

Also, sorry to be a party pooper, but I can just create random Qr codes in your server without any kind of control.
One thing you could do is:

  1. Create API Key server side
  2. Display API Key on mobile app
  3. make the user type the Api Key on the plugin page on phbot
  4. Use that in the authentication header of all your requests, so that it fails to do anything incase this API Key is invalid.
  5. use POST instead of GET, you are sending a json… might as well do a POST
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Yes you can create random qr codes at the server side but that take you nowhere. But yet you are right. We will discuss about that. Thank you very much for the qualified feedback.

QR kodun ekran görüntüsünü aldım app gene de okumuyor fakat telefonun kamerasından okutunca bilgiler geliyor manuel girmem münkün mü ?

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Arka tarafta neler olup bittiğini bilmiyorum testte edemedim ama anladığım kadarıyla qrcode oluşurken random sayı verdiğin için her seferinde unique oluşturuyorsun dc yedikten sonra oyuna yeniden girdiğinde qrcode okuma işleminin yeniden yapılması lazım sanırım takip olarak baya zor bi durum olur o şekilde

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Pretty cool but that statistics tab doesnt work at my phone.
Any idea or solution?

Reloaded the plugin already

Speaking Turkish is not allowed so let me answer in English. Yes, qr code is generated randomly but since once you scanned it from the mobile, you have access to your character even if you disconnected.

yes, somehow some phone models got this problem. we are working on an update. Can you share your phone model and android version? You can share on private if you want to.

I was running 20-25 chars with low cpu usage on my modest laptop. After installing Silkroad Remote, my cpu usage went up to %100. Stopping the plugin did not help. I deleted the plugin folder completely and my cpu usage got back to normal levels again. Just so you know, there is relation between your plugin and cpu usage.
edit: I appreciate your efforts on such a useful application. I hope you develop further with feedbacks.

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It works under a thread and sends data continuously to the server and listens the server if any chat message is sent… So it makes sense that too much cpu usage probably happens when you opened 20-25 characters at once :smiley: Thank you for the feedback.

No, it doesn’t make any sense running a thread loop without even adding delay between every http update even when it’s the same data.

I mean, you’re just overloading the cpu asking all the data from phbot API and it’s well know you should not call some methods with too much data for performance reasons.


I actually was thinking about this and you could cut the middle man Server going on.
You would have a lot of PROS and 1 major CON

CON: You would need to open ports on your Router to access the accounts outside your local network.
PROS: No middle man server
real-time access to your account, that does not require a loop that is consuming your wifi bandwidth and your CPU usage

You would need of course to expose a RestAPI in the plugin. Dunno if we can do that, but assuming you can…
And with the plugin acting as a server you have real-time access to your character.

If you take a screenshot with a QR code and point your smartphone at this code in a minute, you can get to a completely different user. I personally tried it now, got to 4 different accounts
need to come up with another way to link the plugin to the phone

QR Code is unique, you cant see completely different user. You have to know the target char’s parameters (to know you have to login with it first) and a random number at the same time…

Android phone. Similar issue as others. When I try to scan QR code, it does not recognize in the app but regular phone QR code scanner does recognize it. It gives me notes of the link stored on the QR code. Is there any way to have app allow us to type in the QR link into a field to link that way?

when i throw out the plugin i enter stop command and i reinstall the plugin but it gives an error