[Plugin] Silkroad Remote (mobil app)

Hello everyone,
Phbot is now on your android smartphone.

What will you get from the app?
It’s written to keep an eye on your character even you are away from computers.

Watch your character statistics like lv,hp, mp, exp, gold, location.

Traning radius and coordinates can be changed from the application. Also you can start and stop the bot.

Send and receive messages from game. Stay in touch with your party and guild.

Wondering about dropped items? Just check the Inventory Tab.

I know the guy that always disconnects from the server… Check how is party doing from Party Tab.

When your character is dead or when dropped a rare item you get instant notifications! Notifications can be activated/deactivated from the settings.

Demo Video
Please don’t forget to install libraries Plugin Files
Play Store
If you like our plugin &app and want to buy us a coffe thank you!
(*patreon only since we dont have paypal in Turkey)
How to install plugin and libraries?

Thanks to Ryan for the beautiful api, my collegue IDIPI, testers Lynn, Kaiser and queen Isis.

Even we tested the plugin and the app, we still need more feedback and bug fixes. Please leave a comment for any bugs or suggestions.

** Known issues & Temporary Solutions**

-After first install, some people cant see the statistics. Writes “name” instead of characters name.
+Solution: use stop button to stop plugin. reload the plugin. it will be fixed.

-If 4 secs of QR Code time is not enough
+Just take a screenshot of QR Code. It will work.


Post that dono link.

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Silkroad_Remote.py fail.

Hi, did you installed the libraries? It should work, i just tested again. Information on the github readme.

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Congratulations, I wish you continued success.

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It is amazing, thank for the all efforts.
How to link more than one account?

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It’s actually one account at a time now. From menu u can change the character by scanning new qr code. maybe we will add multiple account support later.
Thank you for your kindness.

Amazing aapplication, thank you for your effort!

Unfortunately, I can’t use atm as the QR code only appear 4 seconds and my phone can’t read it as fast. I tried to edit these lines to 10 seconds but after update it failed to load silkroad_remote.py

    window.after(4000, lambda: deneme()) 
    window.after(4000, lambda: window.destroy()) 

Is there any solution?


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just take a screenshot of qr code.It will work much more longer. New window freezes the game somehow so we limited it to 4 seconds. We will work on it.

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congratulations. nice work !

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Thank you I forget to take screenshot but its working now with that way!

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I am glad, enjoy!

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Very good job :slight_smile:
if u add more account and in statisctic drop/rare drop
and hunting/in city/ stuck
perfect app :smiley:


Unfortunately its not working on my primary phone (samsung a70). It doesn’t recognize QR code for minutes. Can you please check if its a bug?

@messi6502 what’s the application version on your phone? currently v1.04 is the latest version

I have the latest version (v1.04) on my a70 and the android version is 10.

We just downloaded android 10 emulator and tested. My main phone is mi 9T and it is android 10 too .it seems ok…

I’ve just checked the camera settings and the Qr code option was enabled so I don’t have other ideas. Without the application just using the camera it reads the data from QR code. Do you have any other idea what to check, what can be the reason? Can you check android 10 with One UI (samsung built-in theme for android)?

Thank you!

When do you add the app to the app store for iphone users :slight_smile:


depens on the success of the android app :slight_smile: