Plugin sell trade

Hey! i want to know if this is possible:

i wanna make a plugin who can sell in npc because command oldtrade,sell is blocked for phbot

then i tried with inject and it work. but i have a problem every time i mount the trans the code change. i mean this:

when i use 1 pet and try sell i get this:

[17:54:12] Client: (Opcode) 0x23DE (Data) 14 ED 24 B0 00 02 E1 00 5B 02 00 00

when i dc and open again it change

[20:08:51] Client: (Opcode) 0x46FB (Data) 14 AD 04 B5 00 06 E1 00 5B 02 00 00

if i dismount and mount again it change again… Opcode and some hexa.

is possible to get the current transport and sell every slot by inject?!

i saw get_pets() but idk if it can work

Also y do something like this:

pets = get_pets()  

for key,item in pets.items():
    if item:
        test = struct.pack('<IBI', key, 2, item['model'])
        log('Plugin:  - servername: '+str(item['servername']) + ' - model' +str(item['model']) + ' - str : ' +str(test)  )

and i got this:

[20:41:29] Plugin: - servername: COS_T_BUFFALO_105 - model23911 - str : b’\xbb\x11\xb5\x00\x02g]\x00\x00’

the last sold i get this one from plugin:
[20:25:20] Client: (Opcode) 0x46FB (Data) 14 BB 11 B5 00 06 E1 00 5B 02 00 00

i maybe know how to get data…

what about Opcode… how can i know what is it?

i were reading others post from may 2019. and maybe is not allowed for maxiguard server.

there has been 1 year. still not fixed?


If you want to “fix” this you need to reverse engineer their client and figure out how they are generating the opcode / encrypting the packet. There is no other way.