Plugin expert/creators pay to do?

i’ve been requesting this plugin as a “phbot user”
from @Ryan
but he’s busy to make such a thing
anyone of u plugin Expert’s/creator’s… could do this plugin?
i’ll pay ya by paypal after 1week of use/test
& see how good it work/fail/bug’s

which is:
a plugin to
keep phbot character logged in(even reconnect if DC)
on a set time(PC time)
set by the user(in 12h or 24h format)

set bot(1) start/run from 13:00 to 20:58
when it reach’s the time limit
it should DC & “stop bot”(but dont close
set bot(2)… (same thing with different time set)

this means interferings with the start/stop phbot
means it has to have a similar function as
a manager(if only manager have such a function)
as in when clicking “START” or “STOP”
it start watching time on that bot
if it reach’s it will trigger

ofc after first time login
for login info to be set in phbot memory
as in “id pw 2pw charName”

this is a code of the plugin made by @Ryan
its not working right
if anyone could fix/edit & test it to success…
i’ll pay ya 25$ by paypal
or 25$ worth of bot time

from phBot import *
from datetime import datetime
import json
import QtBind

gui = QtBind.init(__name__, 'Stop')
save_button = QtBind.createButton(gui, 'save_clicked', 'Save', 10, 125)

QtBind.createLabel(gui, 'Start', 10, 10)
time_edit_begin = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui, '16:00', 10, 25, 128, 24)

QtBind.createLabel(gui, 'End', 10, 55)
time_edit_end = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui, '20:00', 10, 75, 128, 24)

QtBind.createLabel(gui, '* Stops the bot, disconnects, and disables relog at the start time until the end time', 10, 250)

joined = False
config = None

start_time = None
end_time = None

def save_clicked():
	global config, start_time, end_time

		start_time = QtBind.text(gui, time_edit_begin)
		end_time = QtBind.text(gui, time_edit_end)

		config = {
			'start': start_time,
			'end': end_time

	except Exception as e:
		log('%s' % e)

def load():
	global joined, config, start_time, end_time

		with open(get_config_dir() + '%s_stop.json' % (get_character_data()['name']), 'r') as f:
			config = json.load(f)
			start_time = config['start']
			end_time = config['end']
			QtBind.setText(gui, time_edit_begin, start_time)
			QtBind.setText(gui, time_edit_end, end_time)
	except Exception as e:
		log('%s' % e)
		config = None

def save():
	global joined, config

	if joined and config:
			with open(get_config_dir() + '%s_stop.json' % (get_character_data()['name']), 'w') as f:
				f.write(json.dumps(config, indent=4))
		except Exception as e:
			log('%s' % e)

def event_loop():
	global joined, config
	if joined and config:
		now =
		if now >= datetime(now.year, now.month,, int(start_time.split(':')[0]), int(start_time.split(':')[1]), 0):
			if now >= datetime(now.year, now.month,, int(end_time.split(':')[0]), int(end_time.split(':')[1]), 0):

def joined_game():
	global joined
	joined = True

log('[%s] Loaded' % __name__)

it should run 4 chars in 1 account
5hours 58min each Char
switching between them or logging in and out between them at set time
add the plugin and u’ll understand
and fix it & repost it…

not detecting character being ON
or not reading time for when to ON/OFF
somethings that drived me crazy … never worked