[Plugin] AutoReply

I remember uploading a version of this plugin to the old forum, however I couldn’t find it in the new one. Anyways I updated it and that’s why I’m posting it again.

This plugin can answer to private and stall messages, as well as sending a message to people that buy stuff from your stall. It saves its config on a JSON file, so you don’t need to worry about configuring it every time you open the bot. Makes a JSON for each character you configure.

Can be used to let people know you’re not home, or on stallers to let them know you’re not going to give them that one item. Or just simply thank them for being nice and buying it instead :slight_smile:. I’ve made and tested it on vSro so I’m not sure if it would work on iSRO - test it yourself.

AutoReply.zip (2.2 KB)


The upload and add button looks different to me. : D

question-answer script can be prepared?
I think it would be better. Because the questions asked at the stalls are certain,
hi = hi
how much = 10 t
simple sentences like.
if you want me to test, if there are any other add-ons, I would gladly test it. :rofl: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dunno why it looks like that for you. Probably the white theme? Don’t know if that changes anything.

I’m working on many plugins, some of them I’ve made back in the day and I’m updating them like this one. One of them is for stallers to resend messages with certain keywords to your main character, like “i offer 10b for that 2h”. However it will be a totally different plugin, don’t think I’ll add that to this one.


Amazing work man, can’t wait for your next plugins :heart: thanks alot!


You definitely didn’t install something.

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[15:07:36] Plugin: AutoReply.py has failed to load

What im gonna do? :slight_smile:

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Try this one:

AutoReply.zip (2.2 KB)


thx for update XD

Thanks workes perfect

Could we add Turkish letters support? like ı,ş,ğ,ö please?

That’s something @Ryan has to take care of. There are some spanish letters that dont show up properly too.

Show me your settings for the plugin.

haha sorry for that early messge :slight_smile: but u want this ?

Also i wanna see this too , because sometimes its getting hard to understand my own language :smiley: So please add Turkish letters in the bot, thanks

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I’m playing hitsro . with phbot
Can you help me set up auto answer ?? HELP

hi @lucius,

I got this log when I tried to load the plugin. Other plugins loaded just fine except this one. Do you have a solution?

[09:35:50] Plugin: AutoReply.py has failed to load

Does anyone has the same issue? @Ryan

@lucius the plugin did not send a message back. Is the plugin is still active?

[17:59:49] Plugin: AutoReply.py has failed to load

[17:59:49] Python Error: name ‘enmsgbuy’ is used prior to global declaration (D:/Games/Silkroad/phBot/phBot/Plugins/AutoReply.py, line 216)

hellp me

The problem has been resolved. Thank you, the site administrator. Thank you @Ryan

When I enabled AutoReply the message is sent infinitely.


I am using the last updated file