This plugin completes the skill removal quest, turns in Curst hearts and removes skills and masteries that you have added to the Skill to Remove list.

Make sure you enable the plugin…

  1. This is a list of all your current skills, you can add them individually to the Skills to Remove list if you want only a few skills removed
  2. List of skill or masteries that will be removed, you can add these in any order the plugin will remove in the proper order automatically
  3. loads your current masteries into the drop down
  4. This will add the current selected mastery to the Skills to Remove list, meaning it will delevel that matery after all skills are removed. You need to make sure all the skills within that mastery are removed or added to the Skills to Remove list to work properly.
  5. Adds all the characters current skills to the Skills to Remove list from the current selected mastery

You will need to modify your town script and add the command AutoCursed BEFORE the DoHerbalist command, below is an example. The command will be ignored by characters who arent enabled.


Download: [Link] Right click > save as .py


Why not open on TR Sro ?

I added it.

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i did every Thing but not work

Just saying it doesn’t work isn’t helpful information.

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Sometimes it doesn’t take the quest back. Using it on TRsro

hmm could be lag or something, how often does it happeb? It would get it on the next town loop anyway

It was working just fine a few weeks ago. But not now. I deleted the the old one and downloaded it again still couldnt make it work. Btw I’m talking about TRsro. What happened

I dont know you have to tell me whats not working about it

deletes skills but not mastery i using it on trsro

Can you contact me on discord (bunker_14)? perhaps the opcode is different on TRSRO… i recently changed it because it was wrong for isro.

1.AutoCursed plugin in this topic is not being loaded.TRSRO Plugins . Maybe its outdated or sth else idk.
2. I downloaded it from here and now its working fine. Only problem is that plugin removes skills but not mastery. Anyway removing skills is enough for me.

well i can easily fix the masteries, i just need someone to confirm the packet on TRSRO

This plugin is in TRSro Whitelist but can not load. Can you check it @Ryan ?

Make sure you right click and save as. If that’s not loading then I may need to whitelist it again.

The current version is whitelisted, I didnt change anything

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