Please help me!

I’m using force build, I want to give my party member’s (vital,heal buff).
how can I give healing buff or vital ?

you mak another same thread …

use same buff u use for cleric mag phy etc etc

Force (Recovery) character phbot Attack menu, Party Buffing tab

Physical Buff
Vital Flow - Move if available Vital Flow - Strength skill uses

Magical Buff
Vital Flow - Intellect if available Vital Flow - Circulate skill uses

Healing Cycle
It should have used last usefull skill in Heal Series but now it is using first useless skill Heal - Medical Hand

May need to be fix @Ryan

I’m waiting for @jaya to send me an account :slight_smile:

What order should it look for the skill in? It looks for Heal - Medical Hand first then everything else in that group.

i have try :
1 2 5%20kaero

after i try this 3
he working too ( put on your buff tab )
can you specifique what you want ? @Maestro5163

Hi @Ryan
Can you add this line of skill to party buff and have option that buff when hp < x% ? because a server vsro file only asia dont have bard buff for infinity mana

Are you sure you can cast those on other players? Maybe I’m thinking of a different skill group.

im sure that line is “recover a mount HP of choose target”

I believe you can add those to the closest matching euro one and it will use it.

But Asia not like Eu, Asia no bard so u cant repeat and repeat buff to full HP party member, it wastes mana,and useless (heal close member instead heal low hp member)

Right, you should be able to specify names under the closest matching euro buff and it will use the right china buff.

I have a party 8 china, 6 int + 1 Buff always stay on same postion, 1 lurer run around to lure, when mobs hit 1 of 6 int, i want Buff heal that one get attacked, but when lurer get hit and low hp, the Buff cant buff that man because 6 int always stay closer then the lure, that the point.

Is there any solution for it? I want to use “Heal - Calm Hand” but there is no such an option for it. It does cast “True Hand” but not “Calm Hand”