Please add EXP Ratio value > 100% in Condition

Hi @Ryan , I need to know when my character use x2 exp (200%) with premium plus (total of 300%). Currently the EXP Ratio only has valid value <= 100% so there are no options to check that. Thank you.

That ratio is only for the server set EXP. Why do you need to know if you’re gaining 300% EXP?

Hi @Ryan
In our server (VTC), when the 5 hours accumulated play time of fatigue system is over, we can use the premium plus and x2 exp by turning on/off the premium plus to get exp again for a whole day. That is the reason we need to know the exp ratio more than 100% or at least to know the premium plus is turning on or off in Conditions. Please help adding that.
Thank you.

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