Pick up from warehouse, transfer to warehouse scenario


Transferring the items to the safe and getting them back is fine, but I have a problem.

There is an item he needs to get from the warehouse. First he takes it all into his own inventory, then divides it and throws it back into the safe. So far, there is no problem.

But if the character does not have gold on him, he cannot return the item he took.

Is there a way to first take gold and leave it when you enter the safe?


How can I get gold priority during the storage process? @Ryan

Maybe try something like this in your script. Make sure you’ve set it to take gold


Normal warehouse, for example, he needs to take a reverze from the safe, divide it and put it back to the safe. But since there is no gold on the character, he cannot put the reverze back. If he can get gold before buying the rev, there will be no problem.

You can use DoGuildStorageTake first so it only takes not stores, then use DoGuildStorageStore to put it back

It’s not a guild warehouse, it’s a normal character warehouse.

Do the same just remove Guild…

It’s already set like this :frowning:

If you’ve set to take gold then I don’t see why it wouldn’t take gold as part of the first command

She cannot return the item she took from the warehouse because there is no gold, but there is gold in the warehouse.

For example, how can I put 1 reverse and 1 speed on the character?

@Ryan can you help me?

@Ryan do you have any idea? How can I get 1 piece on each character like this?